Hillary Accuses Barack for Her Election Loss

Hillary Accuses Barack for Her Election Loss

Hillary Accuses Barack for Her Election Loss

Hillary Clinton said Saturday that there is a great deal of evidence showing that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, but she said that we cannot reach the conclusion that President Trump’s campaign collude with Russia to win the White House.

“I don’t think we can reach that conclusion,” Mrs. Clinton said on TV when asked her if she believed President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russians, but she does believe there are more information coming into light every day and there may have been attempts by Trump’s associates to hide their Russian connections.

“We know a lot, but I’m going to leave it to the investigators in both the Congress and the special counsel to actually come up with whatever legal conclusions,” Mrs. Clinton said.

Mr.s Clinton is promoting her new memoir, “What Happened,” by making the rounds of TV daytime and nighttime TV talk shows.

Investigators are searching for evidence about what was going on, and she continues pointing out that there is evidence of interference with the election, up to and including Russian agents buying pro-Trump advertising on Facebook.

“I was so amused when Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), pointed out that the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) ads were paid for with rubles,” said Mr. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton also said that had she been elected President, she would have looked hard at firing Trump ousted FBI Director James Comey, as his actions went out of the grounds usually used by prosecutors.

“Much of what he did violated Department of Justice protocol,” said Clinton, who has blamed Comey’s statements on her use of a private email server just days before the general election for her loss. “You don’t want people acting rashly, impulsively, or in this case, as some have suggested, under pressure for political purposes… You can be critical of what he did in the email investigation, but you can also be very critical of Trump deciding to fire him over the Russia investigation.”

“Now we’re hearing these bragging comments from Russian media persons, from Russian members of Parliament and their government saying, “Yeah, you know, we picked a President. We won an election,'” Mrs. Clinton said. That should terrify every American. I do not care what party you are. It was me today, it maybe be somebody else tomorrow,” she said.

Mrs. Clinton also wrote in her book that she wished President Barack Hussein Obama had warned Americans of Russian interference in the election while it was happening.

“He thought I was going to win,” said Mrs. Clinton. “He told me that the night before in Philadelphia… obviously, he was campaigning for me, but this is a national security issue.”

She said she also thinks Mr. Obama was under pressure from Republicans, to sabotage her run for the Oval Office.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell basically threatened the White House and the Democratic leadership in the Congress, warning that ‘If you go public with the intelligence we have been provided, we will call it partisan,'” Mrs. Clinton charged, essentially accusing Senator McConnell of acting in a partisan, not patriotic way.

“Senator Harry Reid, who like everyone who was briefed on this intelligence, was really upset and tried to keep forcing Comey, because my other problem with Comey is he was perfectly happy to talk about a really dumb mistake I made with e-Mails that became an even dumber scandal, but he was not willing to tell anybody, ‘Oh, yeah, and we’re investigating Trump and the Russians,'” said Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has now been driven away to the bone yard of political has bins muttering “What Happened?”

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