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Here are 4 of the Best Coffee Drinks in the World

Coffee can do so much, it brings communities together in cafes, invigorates the workforce, and is the #1 excuse to get closer to your acquaintances.

But while coffee beans look more or less identical whether grown in Ethiopia, Brazil, or Indonesia, they can be prepared in so many ways: dark roasted or light, coarsely ground or smashed to a fine powder, black or milky.

Travel to a new place you will find a distinct coffee drink there. Here are a few I really enjoy, and where to find them.

Cappuccino – Italy

Yes, you can get a cappuccino at any coffee shop in America, but if you want authentic, you must go to Italy. The Italians generally order cappuccinos before 11:00a because they are considered too heavy for later in the day, and sip them while standing at coffee bars. Cappuccinos are traditionally 4 oz and contain equal volumes of espresso and steamed milk, frothed to a bone-dry, airy state, and sometimes topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Nitro Cold Brew – United States

It seems that now cold brew has become the caffeinated drink of choice in the US in the past few years. Nitro cold brew adds some extra flair, the coffee is infused with nitrogen, giving it a velvety, creamy, foamy texture, not unlike a Guinness stout. Unless you have some fairly heavy duty equipment it is a tricky to pull of at home, but in a completely American fashion, it comes conveniently canned, shipped straight to your front door.

Flat White – Australia

Ever since Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX)popularized the Flat White in the US in Y 2015, the drink has been widely available; but it was not always so. Originating in Sydney in the ‘80’s, the flat white was a new espresso drink, in which the beverage has a thin layer of micro foamed milk but lacks the frothy bubbles on top. A flat white is a latte on a diet.

Cafe au Lait – France

Like all things French, the cafe au lait is stylish and timeless. It’s made up of espresso combined with steamed milk. It differs from lattes and cappuccinos in that the milk is not layered on Top, instead it is just poured into the coffee casually. In France, the milk is usually served on the side of the coffee. The perfect accompaniment for a croissant or a pain au chocolat.

Have a healthy Memorial Day, Keep the Faith!

Paul Ebeling
Paul A. Ebeling, a polymath, excels, in diverse fields of knowledge Including Pattern Recognition Analysis in Equities, Commodities and Foreign Exchange, and he is the author of "The Red Roadmaster's Technical Report on the US Major Market Indices, a highly regarded, weekly financial market commentary. He is a philosopher, issuing insights on a wide range of subjects to over a million cohorts. An international audience of opinion makers, business leaders, and global organizations recognize Ebeling as an expert.   

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