Help Support Organics and the Battle Against GMOs

Help Support Organics and the Battle Against GMOs

Help Support Organics and the Battle Against GMOs


This is GMO Awareness Week, and GMO proponents claim that GE (genetic engineering) is “safe and beneficial,” and that it advances the agriculture industry.

They also claim that GMOs, or GE foods, help ensure the global food supply and sustainability.

The Big Q: Is there any truth to these claims?

The Big A: Many of us believe not.

I have said in the Health column that GMOs pose one of the greatest threats to life on our planet, and that genetic engineering is not the safe and beneficial technology that it is made out to be.

 The FDA cleared the way for GE Atlantic Salmon to be farmed for human consumption. Thanks to added language in the federal spending bill, the product will require special labeling so now consumers will have the ability to identify the GE Salmon in stores.  But, it is Key that all GE foods be labeled, which is still being denied by our government.

The FDA is threatening the existence of our food supply.

We have to start taking action now.

That being the case I urge you to share this article with friends and family.

Acting together, we can make a difference and put an end to the deceptions.

We have organizations like the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) to fight back against corporate giants like Monsanto (NYSE:MON).

So, fight for your right to know what is in your food and help support the GMO labeling movement by making a donation today.

GMO Awareness Week

OCA is a public interest/benefits organization dedicated to promoting health and sustainability.  I encourage you to give OCA your financial support, because it is making a difference.

Food companies have to start being honest and truthful in telling us what’s in our food, and we will not quit until they do.

Internet Resources Where You Can Learn More

Below are useful resources to help you learn more about GMOs and what you can do to fight back, as follows:

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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