A Healthy Lifestyle is Important for Your Pet

A Healthy Lifestyle is Important for Your Pet

A Healthy Lifestyle is Important for Your Pet

To provide a healthy lifestyle for your pet you must focus on identifying, then removing, and unnecessary stressors from your pet’s world before disease can occur.

These obstacles might involve your pet’s diet, exercise, environment, and veterinary care.

Being proactive is in contrast to the reactive approach to veterinary medicine, which typically waits for disease to occur before seeking to alleviate the symptoms, often through the use of drugs or surgery, thus ignoring the root causes of illness.

Integrative veterinary care seeks to address not just the physical but also the mental, emotional, social and every other characteristic of your pet’s well being.

There is no 1-Shot fits all when it comes to pet health

Veterinary care, as well as care of humans, is an Art, which emerges as a practitioner identifies and applies the therapies that will unlock an individual’s healing potential.

The concept of wellness medicine is a new and revolutionary concept in veterinary medicine.

It is not just the absence of disease, but also recognizing the lifestyle choices and changes that can optimize the health and vitality in pets.

The pillars of health animal are as follows:

  1. Species-appropriate nutrition
  2. A balanced immune system
  3. Resilient frame and organ systems

The goal is to keep pets happy, healthy and disease-free by giving them the most up-to-date methods available and empower pet owners to become the most informed advocate they can be for the animals in their care.

Often simple inexpensive measures and lifestyle changes can make a positive difference in pets’ lives as they do in humans.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively, and that means your Pets too!



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