‘Hawaii of China’ Ocean Sports and Sailing Summer Camp

‘Hawaii of China’ Ocean Sports and Sailing Summer Camp

On July 21, the Hainan Ocean Sports Season Teen OP Sailing Summer Camp was officially opened in the sailing port of Banshan Peninsula in Sanya. Accompanied by their parents, 20 teenagers from Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other cities gathered in Sanya to experience the fun of sailing and enjoy the summer scenery. Hainan Ocean Sports Season is jointly hosted by the People’s Government of Hainan Province; General Administration of Sport; and Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau. The event has been successfully held for two years and has received popular recognition.

Known as the “Hawaii of China, Sanya attracts tropical-loving travelers looking for a slice of paradise mixed in with a touch of cultural experiences. With gorgeous landscapes covered with 68% forest along with a multitude of historical landmarks, Sanya continues to provide travelers with a “cultural and touristic” immersive experience.

Tourists can discover the secrets of the villages and ethnic groups at the “Binglangu Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park” and “Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone”. They can also explore a cultural theme park and watch “The Romantic Show of Sanya”, where dances and songs bring Sanya’s ancient past to life. Additionally, visitors can get a feel of the art and music at the “ISY Music Festival”, where artists come together to showcase Sanya’s new cultural trends. Whatever it may be, Sanya is sure to keep travelers wandering for more.

Diverse activities and a profound cultural background provide strong support and assistance for the rapid development of tourism in Sanya. With the increasing brand influence of Sanya tourism around the world, Sanya has also been a top spot for world-class competitions that include: The Miss World Contest, ABB FIA Formula E Championship, and The Global World Yacht Race.

Sanya strives to allow travelers to get a glimpse of its cultural heritage. Through varieties of projects that protect the natural attractions and enhance the city’s infrastructure, Sanya has been able to maintain its beauty, culture and history for travelers worldwide. Travelers from 59 countries can now enjoy a 30-day visa free entry when traveling to Sanya. Direct flights from London to Sanya have also been developed for ease of transportation. Sanya will continue to provide a “cultural and touristic” immersive experience to all. Discover the beauty of this tropical paradise now and #VisitSanya.

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