Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Scandal Rocks Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Scandal Rocks Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Scandal Rocks Hollywood

The Big Q: Who is Harvey Weinstein?

The Big A: Harvey Weinstein once was the most powerful producer and studio head in Hollywood.

Now, he is in ruins, as The New York Times broke a story Thursday that reports decades alleged serial sexual harassment and settlements with women in Hollywood.

But is/was his influence out of Hollywood that has parts of media and the political left flummoxed.

Mr. Weinstein has had a group of professional political spiners, image consultants and PR flacks to help blunt any damage from the allegations of settled lawsuits involving his sexual harassment of several Hollywood actresses.

He has even gone so far as threatening legal action against the NY-T’s for its report, calling in favors from the highest ranks of Democratic party operatives.

Harvey Weinstein is finished in Hollywood, on Broadway, and in Politics, effectively his company, TWC has banished him from the board room.

Saturday, TV commentator Greta Van Susteren said that the sexual harassment scandal engulfing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, 65 anni, differed from those at Fox News (NASDAQ:FOX)

“See below from NY TIMES where it says Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment was ‘worst kept secret,'” the former cable TV show host said in a Facebook post.

“People knew about it or heard about it who were not even victims of it.

“Fox News sexual [harassment] was not known to those not involved,” Ms. Van Susteren said. “It was a very effectively kept secret.

The NY-T’s reported Thursday that Harvey Weinstein had reached at least 8 legal settlements with women over alleged harassment.

“It wasn’t a secret to the inner circle,” the NY-T’s quoted a former assistant to Harvey Weinstein’s brother and longtime partner, Bob, as saying.

The former assistant, Kathy DeClesis, supervised a young woman who left the company after an encounter with Harvey Weinstein and later received a settlement, according to the report.

Mr. Weinstein apologized in a statement Thursday and said he would take a leave of absence from his company after a fiery meeting of TWC’s board of directors.

The Weinstein Co.’s (TWC) remaining board of directors said Friday that Harvey’s leave would be indefinite, and his future employment was dependent on his actions and the results of an independent investigation.

Ms. Van Susteren left Fox News in September 2016 after 14 years, saying that “Fox has not felt like home to me for a few years.”

She had a run of less than 6 months at MSNBC that ended in June.

Soon we may learn some high profile “pals” of Harvey Weinstein’s that participated with him in his lewd and licentious encounters with women…

Notably, Harvey Weinstein was a big donor to the DNC, an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential bid, and was a guest in the Barack Hussein Obama White House 8 times, now the Dems are scrambling to distance themselves from him.

Stay tuned


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