Harvard’s Crimson Calls Out School’s Liberal Bias

Harvard’s Crimson Calls Out School’s Liberal Bias

Harvard’s Crimson Calls Out School’s Liberal Bias

  • Ivy League faculty is out of touch with America.

Harvard University’s student newspaper now calling on the school to hire more conservative faculty to bridge a “stark divide” that is not reflective of society and might be contributing to “declining trust” in higher education.

In an editorial, The Crimson cited its finding the political makeup on the prestigious Ivy League faculty is out of touch with America.

“Startlingly, just around 1.5% of respondents to The Crimson news staff’s survey of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences identify as conservative or very conservative, compared to 83.2% who identify as liberal or very liberal,” the editorial board wrote.

“These statistics do not reflect America: 35% of Americans identify as conservative, 23 times the fraction of the faculty survey’s respondents, and 26% identify as liberal.”

“We believe the University must emphasize hiring professors with diverse beliefs and backgrounds who can challenge prevailing campus ideas through tough ideological conversations,” it declared.

The editorial board argued the ideological gap is bad for the country.

The board said a more balanced faculty should not be the only goal.

“Increasing ideological diversity — and making students who may disagree with mainstream campus ideas more welcome — should be worked toward beyond merely hiring intellectually diverse faculty,” it wrote. “Initiatives to promote campus conversations in which beliefs are questioned should be encouraged, as should giving students the resources they need to feel comfortable but not unchallenged in their identities.

“By doing so, we expand the diversity conversation to make as many students feel as welcome as we can.”


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