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Happy Family Organics Baby Food is Organic and EcoFriendly


Happy Family Organics® recently joined leading companies around the world in making a series of packaging commitments aimed at advancing towards a circular economy – becoming the first organic baby food brand in the U.S. to pledge to make its packaging fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. These ambitions build on the B Corp™ Certified brand’s ongoing commitment to environmental transparency and accountability.

“At Happy Family Organics, we’re far more than producers of organic baby food. We aim to be pioneers in sustainable agriculture and manufacturing practices, knowing that the health of our planet affects the long-term health of our children,” said Anne Laraway, CEO of Happy Family Organics. “These commitments are a step in the right direction, and we recognize that global, systemic change is needed to truly make an impact. As parents, the notion that any of our packaging ends up in landfills is not ok with us. That’s why we’re partnering with leading sustainability organizations to help scale our initiatives, and we encourage other companies with a mission to serve children to join this global commitment to create a more sustainable future for our kids.”

To help in the shift toward a circular economy, Happy Family Organics commits to transforming its packaging in three ways: packaging designed for circularity, preservation of natural resources, and consumer education.

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