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Happy Birthday Shayne Heffernan: 10 Unknown Facts About The HEFFX CEO


The HEFFX CEO was born in Sydney, Australia in 1964.

Shayne Heffernan is celebrating his 56th birthday. The HEFFX CEO was born in Sydney, Australia in 1964. He excelled in academics in school and graduated with Honors. However, he was not always a model student. While in high school he use to take one day off a week to visit the horse races.

Shayne Heffernan put himself through university and worked two jobs, one as a bouncer and the other as a part-time accountant for some of his friends companies.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, he loves to teach people about money, how to trade and explain how economics works in the real world. An inspiration to his family, his friends and his colleagues.

He is now the CEO of HEFFX, Live Trading News and Knightsbridge Law with a keen interest in Knightsbridge Horse Racing with his wife Issaree Heffernan.

10 Unknown Facts about Shayne Heffernan

  1. His full name is Shayne Keith Heffernan but his friends know him as Jack.
  2. In addition to being excellent at academics, he also played for the under 18’s football until he was 16 years old.
  3. His first mobile phone was the Motorola Microtac 9800X.
  4. He met his wife Issaree in 2005 in Bangkok where they started a marketing company together.
  5. The couple now share a daughter together, Emily the latest of 6 children for him.
  6. Shayne Heffernan always wanted to be a bookie at the races until a friend of his introduced him to the stock market.
  7. Shayne is known to be a family man who spends most of his time in his office at home with his wife, Issaree and the family.
  8. Shayne has an incredible gift. He has an insane numerical recall and can speed read with a photographic memory.
  9. He loves fishing and horse racing.
  10. Shayne is very opinionated and loves to talk horses and politics, in that order.

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