It Happened, President Trump Points to ‘Incidental Collection’ in Wiretap Claims

It Happened, President Trump Points to ‘Incidental Collection’ in Wiretap Claims

It Happened, President Trump Points to ‘Incidental Collection’ in Wiretap Claims

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, 72 anni, said Saturday that US President Donald Trump’s hinting this week that more information could be forthcoming to support his wiretap claims may be alluding to a surveillance activity allowed under US law known as “incidental collection.”

Meaning, It Happened.

“Some folks said he was doubling down on his claim,” Mr. Hayden said in a TV interview.

President Trump told Tucker Carlson in an interview last week that “wiretap covers a lot of different things.

“I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks,” he said.

Early last week White House spokesman Sean Spicer explained President Trump’s 4 March Tweet alleging the wiretapping by President Barack Hussein_ Obama during last year’s election.

“If you look at the President’s Tweet, he said wiretapping in quotes,” Mr. Spicer told reporters. “The President was very clear in his tweet, it was wiretapping.

“That spans a host of surveillance options.”

Gen. Hayden is a retired 4 Star Air Force General who later directed the NSA

Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the USAG and director of national intelligence can authorize spy agencies to “sweep up” the telephone and Internet data of U.S. residents who communicate with foreign targets in what is known as “incidental collection.”

The secret FISA court allows the surveillance in accordance with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

The agencies can then search those communications for evidence of crimes, even if they are not related to terrorism.

“We just have to protect the U.S. person’s privacy,” he added.

In that case, “we do what’s called ‘minimize’ the information,” General Hayden said. That keeps the identity of the US  individual secret unless it is critical to the intelligence.

Should that identity be revealed, it is called “Unmasking.”

“We are just targeting the foreigners,” Hayden told Smerconish.

He said that this is how the surveillance tactic relates to President Trump’s assertions: “I suspect that if there is any example of a U.S. identity being unmasked that has any relationship to the Trump campaign or Trump Tower, again, very normal, very correct and very legal, the White House goes: ‘Ah-ha. I told you so.’

“I think this is where it is going,” General Hayden said.

He noted that the top Republican and Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee asked spy agencies this week to provide data on recent incidental collection efforts.

“This is actually a very good way to do our job and protect American privacy.”

The take away, President Trump is right, the “wire tapping” aka ‘incidental surveillance’ happened.

Have a terrific weekend.


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