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Hand Washing is Effective Against Viral Infections

Drug resistant infections are on the rise, the novel coronavirus COVID-19, aka The China Virus, is spreading rapidly and research demonstrates that many people may be participating in activities that exacerbate it.

Preventing the spread of contagious disease is the best option as there is no cure for viral infections and COVID-19 coronavirus is not a simple virus.

The Key to prevention is to be smart about it.

1 of the Key ways is proper hand washing technique with safe products. But, many still work under the assumption that antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer will get the job done safely and correctly. Yet even the FDA acknowledges antibacterial soaps have not been proven effective and they have potentially negative health effects.

The authors of one study suggested hospital-based healthcare providers had a hand hygiene compliance rate of 70% to 72%. This means that at least 28% of the healthcare providers are not practicing safe handwashing techniques.

Yet, proper handwashing is especially important in the hospital where close contact among patients is common. Critically ill patients are especially susceptible to the risks introduced in hospital environments. The results of 1 study suggested that using a patient hand hygiene protocol reduced infection rates.

Washing one’s hands helps remove harmful bacteria that may contaminate the immediate surroundings. It also stops the spread of infection and reduces the chances that germs may be transferred to one’s internal systems when touching the nose, mouth or eyes.

By learning to use proper handwashing techniques you and others may reduce the number of people who get a diarrheal illness by at least 23% and you can contribute to reducing respiratory infections by up to 21%.

The Bottom Line: research does show that diligently washing your hands helps stave off infections, including respiratory illnesses. So, the best thing to do is be sure to follow the CDC’s advice and make good handwashing a regular practice.

Clean hands save lives.

Have a healthy weekend, stay home!

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