Gun-related Background Checks in June Broke FBI Record

Gun-related Background Checks in June Broke FBI Record

Gun-related Background Checks in June Broke FBI Record


FBI gun-related background checks in June broke an agency record, and puts the nation on track to also break the Y 2015 record.

The FBI, in its reporting of gun background checks said it processed more than 2.1-M gun-related checks in June, an increase of more than 600,000 over the previous record set last year.

The increase makes June the 14th month running to see a new background check record. The annual record, set in Y 2015, was 23.1-M checks.

Gun and ammo dealers report spikes in gun sales following the deadly terror attack in Orlando, FL, and a subsequent push for new gun control measures in the House and Senate.

Expect breaking records through the November election, and as long as US President Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to preach gun control to The People.

Trading in Gun manufactures stocks seeing strong action in the wake of the July Dallas massacre.

Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ:SWHC) stock rose more than 4% Friday near an all-time high.

The stock traded at 29.50 closing at 29.07 Friday in New York at 4:30p EDT. Smith & Wesson’s all-time high is 29.37.

On 13 June, a day after a gunman killed 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Smith & Wesson rose 6.9%, while Sturm Ruger (NYSE:RGR) shares advanced 8.5%. Sturm Ruger gained about 4.9% Friday.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NASDAQ:SWHC 29.07 8 Jul-2016 0.78 29.75 29.75 28.74 4,897,900
HeffX-LTN Analysis for SWHC: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.35) Bullish (0.36) Bullish (0.48) Neutral (0.19)
Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RGR 67.65 8 Jul-2016 3.13 66.71 68.37 66.25 927,900
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RGR: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (0.06) Bullish (0.25) Neutral (0.06) Neutral (-0.14)

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  1. Gene Ralno   July 11, 2016 at 8:55 am

    Peaceable, lawful citizens are frightened of their government and arming themselves to prevent the kind of oppression this planet has endured throughout recorded history. It’s frustrating that other nations don’t know what’s going on because U.S. authorities fill the air with propaganda. They read what our government releases to big media shills and believe it. Regardless of the lies, U.S. citizens are arming themselves for peaceful purposes. And only the hopelessly indoctrinated follow the current American regime. If conservatives throw away another election, the nation will be lost.

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