Governor Jerry Brown’s Deceit is Killing California

Governor Jerry Brown’s Deceit is Killing California

Governor Jerry Brown’s Deceit is Killing California

  • Mr. President, Build the Wall, and cut all federal subsidies to California.

Destructive humanitarian BUNK happened when California became a “sanctuary state” on 1 January 2018.

Gov. Jerry Brown is the glue.

Now the status of sanctuary state is an open invitation for illegals to come to California and exploit its generous welfare benefits, free medical services, free educational benefits, free or subsidized housing, free vocational training, and immunity from prosecution for crimes.

The law signed by Governor Jerry Brown bars local police from asking about immigration status and bars local police from participating in federal immigration enforcement procedures. Meaning that if an illegal alien gets arrested for rape or murder in Los Angeles County agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are not allowed in the jail to question that person.

LA Country will not share information with ICE or accept their detainers.

ICE acting director Thomas Homan says, “In denying to detain criminals, sanctuary cities end up putting them back on the street where they will re-offend and prompt ICE agents to take the dangerous step of tracking them down.”

The benefits awarded to illegal aliens cost the legal taxpaying residents of California money, jobs, medical services, and educational opportunities.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 2017 study lists the cost of illegal immigration to United States taxpayers as a staggering $116-B annually  with the tax burden falling disproportionately on state and local taxpayers by a ratio of 2 to 1.

Now, the hard-working legal taxpaying residents of California are subsidizing the illegal non-working immigrant population that has been invited to overwhelm the government bureaucracy with unsustainable demands designed to push society into social chaos and economic collapse.

The Big Q: Does that sound familiar?

The Big A: It is the Cloward-Piven strategy upped a few notches promoted by Leftist political leaders who consider California too big to fail and assume there will be a federal bailout that will eventually collapse the nation’s economy if New York and Illinois follow California’s egregious example.

The Cloward-Piven/Brown strategy may have worked while Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was in office or the legacy plan for Hillary Clinton had she been elected President.

President Donald Trump is an American patriot and is not about to participate in a federal bailout of the State of California that encourages even more unrestrained irresponsible spending and defiance of federal immigration laws.

The Leftist Democrat Party is fomenting anarchy and social chaos by defying laws and establishing California as a sanctuary state.

The Big Q2: What is the motive?

The Big A: Cloward and Piven’s socialism is the short game. The long game is 1-world government. Socialism, with its complete government control, is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the country, internationalize the police force, and impose one-world government. 1-world government is the overarching goal and the underlying motive to destroy America from within.

1-world government was described in detail 65 years ago by Lord Bertrand Russell in his book The Impact of Science on Society.

The capitalist infrastructure of American democracy is the single greatest existential threat to 1-world government and President Donald Trump is America’s Leader.

The globalist elite and their Leftist acolytes are desperate to stop President Trump because his America-First policies have disrupted the advancement of 1-world government.

America is being marched toward anarchy and social chaos with Mr. Hussein Obama’s ongoing anti-American “Resistance” movement and Jerry Brown’s illegitimate establishment of a California a a Sanctuary State.

The USA has Constitutional elections for the peaceful transfer of Presidential power and we have Constitutionally defined branches of government to balance those powers.

America is now at a pivotal time in history when the decision must be made to either preserve our individual freedoms, liberty, and rule of law or surrender to radical socialist political bullies like Messrs Hussein Obama and Brown.

Both of these men are dangerous “enemies of the state” who arrogantly impose their Leftist ideology on America without regard to our Constitution.

They and their followers promote divisiveness, disorder, turmoil, and lawlessness.

ICE Director Homan explains, “Sanctuary jurisdictions pose a threat to the American public by refusing to work with ICE and allowing egregious criminal offenders back into the community to put the lives of the public at risk.”

Yet, sanctuary cities and sanctuary state are increasing exponentially in the United States and proudly supported by the Left and marketed as humanitarian and altruistic, they are neither.

Mr. Homan makes it clear, “We gotta take [sanctuary cities] to court, and we gotta start charging some of these politicians with crimes. . . politicians who pushed sanctuary city legislation should be held ‘personally accountable’ for their actions.”

Gpv. Brown’s Sanctuary State is not a humanitarian mission to protect innocent refugees, it is humanitarian Bunk designed to create social chaos, collapse the nation’s economy, deny the authority of the President, and an attempt to nullify the Constitution of the United States of America.

Now it is time to prosecute anyone who attempts to usurp the power of the Presidency and Congress with seditious plans to overthrow the government and defy Constitutional laws, and that include the likes of Mr. Hussein Obama and Governor Brown and their Gangs of Resisters.

Mr. President, Build the Wall, and cut all federal subsidies to California.


Have a terrific weekend.

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