Government ‘Featherbedders’ are on the Way Out!

Government ‘Featherbedders’ are on the Way Out!

Official government data show it is safe to fly our skies during this ongoing government shutdown.

According to a report in the WS-J, the number of incidents of planes coming too close to each other in the air and on the ground is roughly the same as it was a year ago. There has also been a 4% decrease in those incidents, called deviations, since the government shutdown began on 22 December.

Other statistics such as pilot-reported safety incidents have fallen 14% compared to the same frame last year.

The Trump Administration has worked assure air travelers that flying is safe despite air traffic controllers working without pay because of the shutdown, which is now in its 5th week.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FDA) spokesman told the WS-J Monday, “We have not observed any appreciable difference in performance over the last several weeks compared to the same periods during the previous 2 years.”

A concern among air travelers has been the rising rate of TSA security screeners not showing up for work because of the shutdown. Over the weekend, the sick-out rate reached 10%.

The union that represents air traffic controllers recently filed a lawsuit against President Trump because of the shutdown, which began over of a dust-up regarding border security.

What we have learned is that our government is working fine without the 800,000 not essential people who have been furloughed, and that volunteers and young entrepreneurs are finding opportunities in their wake.

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