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“Government cannot do anything to you because they think it is a convenient way of dealing with some social problem”

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“The argument that natural immunity against COVID is an alternative to vaccination is emerging as a legal challenge to federally mandated vaccination policies”— Paul Ebeling

Government cannot do anything to you because they think it is a convenient way of dealing with some social problem.

Vaccination is required for certain workers and some college students. The federal government, despite steeper legal hurdles to imposing vaccination, has also invoked the US Department of Labor to mandate inoculation for healthcare workers and is expected to roll out a larger policy effectively mandating vaccination for a majority of US workers.

The stated goal behind mandatory vaccination policies is to protect against the spread of disease, meaning that the core of the policy is immunity.

The notion that a previous COVID infection provides natural immunity that can be at least as good as vaccination in some people is something a judge would need to consider in a challenge to a mandatory policy, especially against a government actor.

We believe that a judge might reject a rule that has been issued by the US Department of Labor or by a State, that has not been sufficiently thought through as it relates to the science.

Stay tuned, as legally challenging COVID vaccine mandates involves both science and law, and plaintiffs may be able to make a legitimate legal argument if natural immunity is authoritatively shown to be at least as good as vaccination.

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