GOP Senator Susan Collins, Next to Fall?

GOP Senator Susan Collins, Next to Fall?

GOP Senator Susan Collins, Next to Fall?

The elite GOP Senator said she will decide during the Senate’s week-long Columbus Day recess whether to stay after her 4th term, or run for Governor in Maine.

She has been a power-broker, a Key swing vote in Congress as Republicans struggle to deliver on President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda, expect her to go the way of Bob Corker, to the boneyard.

It is said that Ms. Collins is carefully weighing whether she can have more impact in the Senate or as a Governor replacing the term-limited, Trump-allied Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

Her past ability to cross the political divide has raised her national prominence and bestowed upon her political leverage.

1st elected in Y 1996, Ms. Collins now ranks as the 15th most senior Senator in Congress and the most senior Republican woman Senator, with Key roles on the Appropriations Committee and the Intelligence Committee.

Ms. Collins’ influential role was on display recently, when Senate Republicans abandoned their attempt to kill Democratic President Barack Hussein Obama’s healthcare law after opposition from Ms. Collins and fellow maverick Republican Senators John McCain and Rand Paul.

She has been blasted for working against President Trump, and is now on Steve Bannon’s list of elite GOP legislators with targets on their backs in the 2018 elections.

Ms. Collins unsuccessfully ran for Governor in Y 1994, becoming the 1st woman nominated for the office in Maine by a major party.

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