GOP Leaders Crushing Anti-Trump Movement

GOP Leaders Crushing Anti-Trump Movement

GOP Leaders Crushing Anti-Trump Movement

Saturday, Republican party leaders in 11 States holding conventions and selecting delegates pressed anti-Donald Trump members to fall in line behind the GOP’s presumptive nominee, and punished those who refused.

Nearly 400 delegates to the party’s nominating convention were picked on Saturday.

The rally-around Donald Trump forces won out, including in Nebraska, where members passed a resolution to reprimand freshman Senator Ben Sasse for his attacks on Mr. Trump, and scuttled a countermeasure to condemn “degrading remarks toward women, minorities and other individuals” by Presidential candidates.

And despite a threatened attempt by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) supporters to take over the delegation, 21 of the 36 members picked endorsed Donald Trump.

In Maryland veteran Republican committeeman Louis Pope was replaced by Citizens United Chief David Bossie, a conservative activist described as a longtime ally of Mr. Trump.

In Arkansas, where the national delegation’s leadership was packed with Donald Trump allies, giving them influence to shape Republican Party rules and policy doctrines at the July Convention.

In Nevada, where despite suggestions Ted Cruz would still be a factor in delegate battles, at least 13 of 15 statewide delegates are pro-Trump.

In Kansas, where despite Ted Cruz’s decisive primary victory, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Trump supporter, was selected to be a delegate.

In Florida, where despite former Gov. Jeb Bush’s part in building the current GOP leadership, most of the 14 delegates selected are Donald Trump backers.

The Chairman of the Republican Party said Friday that Donald Trump understand the need for unity and is winning Republican leaders trust going forward.

Michael Reagan in a column last week instructed Mitt Romney to “shut up.”

Trumpeting for Trump

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