GOP United, Aligned Going Into Convention with Trump/Pence Ticket

GOP United, Aligned  Going Into Convention with Trump/Pence Ticket

GOP United, Aligned  Going Into Convention with Trump/Pence Ticket

Saturday, Donald Trump’s choice for VP running mate Mike Pence, Saturday heralded the presumptive GOP nominee as a strong leader who will bring his brand of “no-nonsense Leadership” to Washington DC.

“Elections are about choices, and I also joined this ticket because the choice could not be more clear, the stakes could not be higher,” Mike Pence said in a speech, following the GOP introduction broadcast from the New York Hilton.

“Americans can choose a leader who will fight to make America safe and prosperous again and bring real change or we can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in Washington, DC.”

Nearly 8 years of the combined policies of President Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have “weakened America’s place in the world and stifled our nation’s economy,” Gov. Pence continued, and the terrorist attacks at home and overseas and Friday’s attempted coup in Turkey “all attest to a world spinning apart.”

“History teaches us that weakness arouses evil,” he continued. “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s foreign policy of leading from behind, moving red lines, feigning resets with Russia and the rise of ISIS is a testament to the truth of history and we must bring a change to America’s stand in the world.”

The Governor said, the United States cannot afford to have four more years of “apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. America needs to be strong for the world to be safe.”

Donald Trump will lead on the world stage from a position of strength while standing with US allies and hunting down and destroying the enemies of freedom, he said.

“Donald Trump wants to cut taxes. Hillary Clinton plans to raise taxes, on working families, small businesses and family farms. Where Donald Trump is committed to repeal Obamacare lock, stock and barrel, Hillary Clinton looks at Obamacare as a good start and wants to take Bernie Sanders’ path down to single payer socialized medicine.”

Donald Trump also supports an energy strategy that ends the war on coal, while Mrs. Clinton promised a plan to close mines and put coal miners out of work,

Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is strong.

Donald Trump plans to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court, while Mr.s Clinton will “appoint Supreme Court justices who will legislate from the bench, abandon the sanctity of life and rewrite our Second Amendment.”

Mike Pence is a man of “honor, character, and honesty,” but “Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of corruption. She’s a corrupt person…and I think that while she got away with murder, in fact I think it might be her greatest accomplishment, escaping the recent scandal and her lies and the loss of 33,000 e-mails. But it wasn’t a loss. She discarded them. That in of itself is a major crime. Other people have been paying tremendous prices for what they’ve done which is peanuts compared to what happened with Hillary Clinton.”

“On top of everything else, Hillary made $26 million making speeches to special interests in a short period of time,” Trump said, She’s totally owned by wall Street. We believe in Americanism. She believes in globalism. It is not that she believes in it the people who give her all this money believe in it. She’ll believe in whatever they want her to believe.”

“Mike Pence will never be afraid to speak the name of our enemy, radical Islam, radical Islamic terrorism. You saw it the other day with the truck, screaming out the window, you heard what he was screaming out the window. You saw it in San Bernadino. You saw it at the World Trade Center. You saw it in Orlando. How horrible was that? You saw it in Paris. You see it all over. And Hillary is a weak person.”

Donald Trump sees Mike Pence as his partner in the GOP campaign and the White House “to fix our rigged system,” he continued. “We are in a rigged rigged system. And we have to make it safe again, and to make America great again.”

The Middle East “is more unstable than ever before” following 4 years of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and 7 + years of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton destroyed our nation’s manufacturing base, and “every single thing they touched has turned to horrible, horrible, death defying problems” Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump said he picked Mike Pence for GOP party unity.

“I have to be honest,” he said, “so many people have said party unity because I am an outsider. This was not close. I won in a landslide, this wasn’t close…we got almost 14-M votes. That’s more than any other person in the history of the Republican Party.”

And with Mike Pence, “I looked at Indiana and I won Indiana big. Remember, Indiana was going to be the firewall. That’s where Trump was going down. They agreed I’d win New York, Pennsylvania, win all these places. Indiana was going to be the firewall. So I got to study Indiana.”

“…he has an incredible family. Incredible wife and family. Karen Pence is amazing,” said Donald Trump.

Contributing to GOP unity, Mike Pence is a churchgoing evangelical family man. Mike believes that “the sanctity of human life is the central axiom of Western civilization.” In this respect he will be an important bridge to social conservatives. Expect him to soften and perhaps put to rest the opposition of the Never Trump movement.

Trumpeting for Trump/Pence


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