Goodwood “Yard”, the Place for Vintage & Classic Car Racers

Goodwood “Yard”, the Place for Vintage & Classic Car Racers

Goodwood “Yard”, the Place for Vintage & Classic Car Racers


The Goodwood Members’ Meeting is an epic weekend of motor racing founded by Lord March, which aims to recreate the atmosphere and camaraderie of the original BARC Members’ Meetings held at Goodwood throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s.

For many of us vintage and classic car racers and enthusiasts, the Goodwood Yard is the place to be each year in the Spring, this year the Meeting was held on  17-18 March.

The annual meeting consists of championship-style events, a fleet of Top-tier motor cars join to show off the best in automotive history.

However, there none are more valuable than the Ferrari 250GTO. The Italian racer fetched more at auction than any other car in history at $38,000,000 and rumored almost 2X that in a private treaty transaction.

Now, you can see it in action at this year’s Members Meeting racing against other timeless sport racing car classics.

The 1st thing one notices about the 250GTO is its driver-centric cabin, everything in the cockpit faces the driver. I found it very uncomfortable back in late 1960’s when I had to opportunity to drive on.

A tall, polished gear lever allows access to the traditional Ferrari gated gearbox that was once the centerpiece for Ferrari’s interiors.

The tachometer is right in the middle of the driver’s line of sight, making sure he or she knows where the rev range is easily

The 2nd thing is the sound aka noise.

The 250GTO’s power plant defines the Ferrari sounds of the times. A small displacement 3.0-liter V12 “sings with individual throttle bodies modulating constantly, bellowing out a sound that is 2nd to none.”

It’s pure entertainment to see the 250GTO race against other period sports racing cars, some of them that might never expect to see on track again.

Thanks to gatherings like the Goodwood Members Meeting, we will see sights like these for years to come.

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Have a terrific weekend.


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