Gold is the Safest Investment in a Volatile Political Atmosphere

Gold is the Safest Investment in a Volatile Political Atmosphere

Gold is the Safest Investment in a Volatile Political Atmosphere


Savvy asset managers predicts that the only safe investment in a  volatile political and economic atmosphere is Gold.

“Gold is one of the few things you should own,” a UK hedge fund manager said Wednesday. Adding, “…hat there are very few, if any, safe bets for investors in here.”

We here at HeffX-LTN agree, and expect inflation to drive full steam worldwide.

“Markets are expecting a profit boom, but politicians are saying a wage boom is occurring,” he said. This dichotomy is important because wage booms, what is good for the majority of people, often diminish corporate profits,” he said.

As his 1st 2 weeks in office proves, US President Donald Trump is a demanding leader who applies the best of his negotiating skills to push for US growth.

President Donald Trump is not an ideological purist like Republicans who support free trade but do not  fight for fair trade, he is pro-US business, as in America First, as he moves swiftly to roll back Hussein-Obama’s legislative and executive record.

President Donald Trump will lead the charge in making infrastructure spending to boost the US economy

We expect the US GDP to grow under the Trump Administration, meaning there is going to be a lot more money to spend.

Stay tuned…

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