Gold ETF Assets Saw Their Largest ever Quarterly Gainer in Q-1 Y 2020

Gold ETF Assets Saw Their Largest ever Quarterly Gainer in Q-1 Y 2020


Gold-backed ETFs and similar products account for a significant part of the gold market, with institutional and individual investors using them to implement many of their investment strategies.

Flows in ETFs highlight short-term and long-term opinions and desires to holding gold. The data tracks gold held in physical form by open-ended ETFs and other products such as close-end funds, and mutual funds.

Most funds are fully backed by physical gold.

Q-1 Y 2020 Highlights

Global gold-backed ETFs and similar products added 298 tonnes, or net inflows of $23-B, across all regions in Q-1 of Y 2020, the highest Quarterly amount ever in USD terms and the largest tonnage additions since Y 2016.

During the past year, gold ETFs added 659 tonnes, the highest on a rolling annual basis since the Y 2008 financial crisis, with AUM (assets under management) growing 57% over the same frame.

March highlights

Globally, gold ETFs added 151 tonnes, net inflows of $8.1-B (+5%) in March, boosting holdings to new all-time highs of 3,185 tonnes.

Trading volumes and AUM reached record highs as gold volatility increased to levels last seen during the financial crisis, yet gold price performance was mostly flat in USDs for the month. 

Gold prices denominated in many other currencies, however, continued to reach all-time highs. 

I am Bullish GLD and have been since December

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