Go Green, Lose Weight This Summer

Go Green, Lose Weight This Summer

Go Green, Lose Weight This Summer

Americans spend millions of dollars yearly on fad diets, wild exercise plans, and complicated calorie-cutting methods to lose weight.

But, the Key to shedding a few pounds is not complex; all you have to do is start eating “Green.”

High levels of the hormone cause the body to store fat, whereas low insulin levels cause it to burn fat.

The Big Q: So how can you keep your insulin levels low?

“If you eat green, leafy vegetables, the pancreas doesn’t need to produce insulin, so the insulin levels are lowered because there’s no fat, no carbs, in these foods,” Dr. Charles L. Nguyen says.

Vegetables like asparagus, bok choy, spinach, kale, and arugula are prime examples of what Dr. Nguyen calls “Green-light foods” that will absolutely lower a person’s insulin levels, and increase weight loss.

Eating only vegetables can make for a pretty boring diet.

Acknowledging this, Dr. Nguyen suggests adding a few “yellow-light foods,” which can raise insulin levels if not portioned correctly. These foods include fruits and nuts, which in moderation, are healthy components of a nutritious diet.

“In some fad diets, like the Paleo Diet, fruits are not allowed. This is wrong,” Dr. Nguyen notes. “Fruit will not spike insulin levels as long as you eat the right amount. The Thinsulin Program recommends fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, and any kind of berries.”

Proteins, too, are a good choice for keeping insulin levels low, especially those found in meats and egg whites.

Also, people should avoid eating sweets and starchy vegetables, like potatoes, corns, carrots, and beets, because foods will spike insulin levels and cause your body to pile on the pounds.

As a result, Dr. Nguyen refers to such items as “Red-light foods” that should be limited or eliminated from your diet altogether.

“Any type of grain will raise the insulin levels, causing weight gain,” he says, “regardless of how ‘healthy’ they may be.”

For this reason Dr. Nguyen also recommends staying away from beer, because it is made from grain, which spikes insulin levels.

“Have you ever seen a wine belly? That’s because wine is made from grapes, a fruit that will keep insulin levels low,” he explains.

Dr. Nguyen adds that many low-calorie or extreme, restrictive diets involve “punishing oneself, and then rewarding oneself for trying.” But those Yo-Yo dieting approaches are doomed to failure.

“In order to beat this cycle of obesity, to really change it, we have to reject this idea of dieting,” he says.

“People looking to lose weiPght should look at it as a journey. In this way, people want to lose the weight, and understand that there will be little bumps in the road, but that they’re still getting where they want to go.”

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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  1. Puja Roy   July 19, 2016 at 2:42 am

    I always find for “How to Lose 6 Pounds in a Week..?” I was in the same problem, here is what I did actually.

    When you have a big event coming up, you may want to try to lose six pounds in a week in order to look your best. While there’s no way to actually lose six pounds of fat in just a week, you can lose six pounds if you include water weight. This will make you look slimmer and feel sexier. You won’t be able to keep up this type of rapid weight loss long-term, but you can achieve your short-term goal.

    Follow These Tips:

    Drink lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated and can help fill up your stomach so that you don’t overeat. In fact, many people reach for food when, in fact, it’s water that their body craves.

    Cut processed foods out of your diet. Processed foods are foods that are made in a factory. This includes just about anything with the word “white” in it–white bread, white rice and white pasta, for example.

    Avoid salty foods. Salt makes you retain water, so you don’t want to eat foods that contain a lot of salt.

    Base your meals on vegetables. Vegetables are high fiber and filling, yet low in calories.

    Choose fruits for a snack. Fruits are also filling and low in calories.

    Exercise daily. Make a point to exercise every day.

    With these daily habits I also applied this guide below & I got very good result.

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