Give Your Body a Break, Buy and Wear Good Shoes

Give Your Body a Break, Buy and Wear Good Shoes

Give Your Body a Break, Buy and Wear Good Shoes

Here is a suggestion: take your order to John Lobb.

Founded in London in Y 1866, John Lobb the master shoemaker expanded to Paris in Y 1902. Then 70 years later, the Lobb family sold its French outpost to Hermès, which has spun it into a global operation that makes it easier to undertake a bespoke John Lobb experience, whether it’s in New York, Taipei, or Beirut.

But a fellow who wants to do it right books a La Première suite on Air France en route to the famed Right Bank workshop at 32 Rue de Mogador in the 9th Arrondissement, where each curve is measured and every detail deliberated before the last-maker sculpts a form in the shape of your foot from hornbeam wood.

Whether for a pair golf cleats or Chelsea boots, patent-leather pumps or suede driving moccasins, the thoroughness of the craftsmanship, the thoughtfulness of the stitching, and the thicknness of the leather all add up to produce a superlative pair of shoes

For the sake of convenience, book a suite at the Hotel Scribe Paris Opera to provide a base of operations worthy of the occasion.

Restaurant Guy Savoy, just across the River Seine in the old French mint building, is a fitting place to celebrate.

The John Lobb bespoke process typically involves a 2nd appointment to test a mock-up, but you can usually arrange for follow-up visits to be conducted at a shop closer to your home.

If circumstances demand that you make a return trip to the City of Lights, well, that is just the price of perfection.

Have a terrific week

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