Girlfriends: Hillary & Donna Tightly Linked in Debate Cheating Scandal

Girlfriends: Hillary & Donna Tightly Linked in Debate Cheating Scandal

Girlfriends: Hillary & Donna Tightly Linked in Debate Cheating Scandal

A new email released Monday by WikiLeaks revealed interim Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, sent more questions to the Clinton campaign while she was still a commentator for CNN.

Clinton acolyte Donna Brazile 1st came under fire when an earlier hacked e-Mail from the account of Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta showed her passing along a question about the death penalty for CNN’s March Democratic town hall.

Ms. Brazile was immediately sacked by CNN last month in the fallout from the e-Mail release.

But the latest WikiLeaks dump showed the e-Mail chain was longer, and covered 2 more topics: income inequality and unions.

That 2nd question, concerning income inequality, appears not to have been asked, according to a transcript of the show. But the wording in the emailed question on unions resembles what TV One’s Roland Martin asked Hillary Clinton at the time:

Roland Martin: “Secretary Clinton, yesterday you were in St. Louis, and you talked about carpenters and the rebuilding of the country, the folks who built this nation.”

Hillary Clinton: “Right.”

Roland Martin: “And, both you and Senator [Bernie] Sanders have significant union support, yet many of the trade unions that we talk about built the country, they’ve locked out black folks and other minorities for decades. Would you, even right now, and even as president, call a meeting with the trade unions and say it’s time for you to open up those doors and bring in more African-Americans and Hispanics, and others be because those are high-paying jobs. And, if we keep saying rebuild America with a huge infrastructure and billions of dollars, they’re the ones who are going to do it. And, black folks and others are going to be left on the outside looking in.”

A brazen Donna Brazile, in a radio interview was unapologetic, and actually very combative.

“My conscience — as an activist, a strategist — is very clear,” she said, adding, “if I had to do it all over again, I would know a Hell of a lot more about cybersecurity.”

Hillary Clinton and all of her senior “girlfriends” and staff are corrupt and proud of it it seem, we have to drain the Swamp of the amoral Democratic pols and their minions.

Stay tuned…

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