Get Used to Saying it: Donald Trump, President of the USA

Get Used to Saying it: Donald Trump, President of the USA

Get Used to Saying it: Donald Trump, President of the USA

The battle for the Oval Office appears to be settled between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is predicting Mr. Trump will hammer Hillary Clinton (if she is nominated).

“My instinctive feeling right now is that Trump is gonna win, beat Hillary badly, that it could be landslide proportions,” Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday.

“I still don’t think people understand why Trump won this,” he said. “I don’t think they understand at all the reason people support Trump. And the deeper people are entrenched in politics, and the more they are accustomed to the templates and the handbooks and the theories and the playbooks, the less they’re gonna understand it. The more they try to plug Donald Trump and his campaign and his personality into the professional politician candidate playbook that they use, the farther and farther from the truth they are going to get.”

Remember, 16 Republican luminaries tried to take Donald Trump down and failed, Hillary Clinton is next, again, if she in nominated.

Mrs. Clinton is now pandering to the questionable legacy of Barack Hussein-Obama, hoping that he will run interference for in front of the US DOJ FBI investigation of her and husband Bill’s foundation activities while she was Secretary of State, not to mention the e-Mail scandal investigation that is on going.

There is the chance and it may not be remote neither that Hillary Clinton or Senator Bernie Sanders (SD-Vt) will not be nominated at the Donkey Convention in Philly.

The only 2 Dems in the sidelines waiting are VP Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, Donald Trump will trounce both of them in the general election.

Trumpeting for Trump

Paul Ebeling


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