Get Foreign Citizenship and a 2nd Passport in as Little as 2 Yrs

Get Foreign Citizenship and a 2nd Passport in as Little as 2 Yrs

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You have to move to 1 these countries 1st, but you do not have to trace your genealogy to them to qualify.” — Paul Ebeling

If you have given consideration to securing citizenship and a 2nd passport, here are several countries where the process of citizenship-by-naturalization is relatively quick.

Argentina: 2 years

You will find lots of misinformation on the internet regarding Argentina. These are the definitive requirements:

• Proof that you’ve lived continuously in Argentina for 2 yrs.
• Minimum age of 18.
• Proof of adequate income or employment.
• Passport.
• A DNI card, an Argentine residence permit.
• Proof of no serious criminal record.

And that’s itm 2 short yrs in 1 of the world’s truly beautiful countries and you can apply for citizenship and, thus, an Argentine passport is the 19th most powerful passport on the planet in that it gives you access to 170 countries without needing a visa.

Yes, Argentina seems to face continual economic crises. Still, if your life is denominated in USDs, your lifestyle in the land of tango will be pretty sweet. Argentina allows you to hold dual nationality as an American.

Peru: 2 years*

The asterisk here ties to Peru’s requirement that a non-Peruvian can apply for citizenship 2 yrs after taking up residence in the country. That is not hard; with the correct documents you can apply for Peruvian residence while you are visiting on a tourist visa. But it could take several months to complete the residency process.

Once you have been a resident for 2 yrs, you can apply for citizenship. The necessary documents are similar to those in Argentina, but there are also requirements that you must do:

• Write an application to the President of Peru.
• Prove you are healthy.
• Can communicate in Spanish, and pass an exam about Peruvian history, culture and geography.

Ecuador, Honduras, Poland, Paraguay: 3 years

Ecuador demands 3 yrs running of residency, and if there is an interruption of more than 90 days you have to start over.

Honduras shortens the requirement to 2 yrs if you are Ibero-American meaning from a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country.

Poland is interesting because it’s a European Union member, meaning this is perhaps the quickest path to an EU passport. You will also need proof of a stable source of income, such as Social Security or a pension. Arguably the hardest requirement: proof by way of official certificate that you can speak Polish, not one of the world’s easiest languages for native English speakers.

Paraguay is straightforward: Live there for 3 yrs as an upstanding citizen.

Brazil: 4 yrs

Very much like Paraguay in terms of ease, 4 yrs of continuous residence in the country is required, along with a command of Portuguese and no criminal record.

Australia, Barbados, Belize, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay: 5 yrs

This is not a complete list of the 5-yr countries. Quite a few others impose requirements that make them less appealing; Indonesia and Japan require that you relinquish your US nationality.

Most of these countries are straightforward: 5 yrs of continuous residence.

Finland requires you speak Finnish or Swedish, the Netherlands requires you are conversant in Dutch, and Thailand demands you speak Thai also a challenging language.

Panama wants to know you can speak Spanish and have a basic understanding of Panamanian history, geography and politics.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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