Gerry Kelly Brings Cabaret Discotheque to Miami at FDR

Gerry Kelly Brings Cabaret Discotheque to Miami at FDR

Gerry Kelly Brings Cabaret Discotheque to Miami at FDR

Friday November 4th Gerry Kelly will take over Friday nights at the world famous FDR, FDR created by The Light Group is Delano’s new subterranean space, aptly named after the hotel’s presidential namesake, and has an unparalleled atmosphere which serves as a destination for the ideal night out in South Beach. With top DJ’s featuring all genres of music, from up-and-coming artists to mainstream club staples, the two-room venue showcases top talent in an intimate environment. New, critically-acclaimed cocktails and internationally renowned music acts and DJ’s transport guests to a carefree oasis, evoking a sense of old world elegance and comfort, leading guests to party in style.

Returning to the days where South Beach nightlife was king, FDR Lounge combines the sophistication and allure of the iconic hotel with the glitz, glamour and charisma of South Beach.

Join the legendary Gerry Kelly each Friday night in FDR for our new weekly party called Cabaret Discotheque Fridays. Celebrating different international cities, every Friday, FDR will be transformed into a time machine of glamour.


When Gerry Kelly arrived in South Beach in 1994, it was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Already an acclaimed haute couture designer and veteran international nightclub entrepreneur with a long-time home base on the fashionable island of Ibiza, the Irish-born Kelly brought with him to America a proven artistic flair and a powerful commitment to big-time success. Now, 22 years later, he has made an indelible mark on the South Beach scene, and established himself as by far the most influential creative and marketing force.

Kelly says he has learned a valuable lesson about life. “I learned that the power of the mind is really a strong thing,” he says, “and if you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. I now know I would never be afraid of any project ever again. This has been an amazing experience. The fear of losing and then the high inside of winning, there’s no comparison. It’s worth all the fear to do it and win.”

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