Germany’s Merkel in ‘Political Trouble’ May Call New Elections

Germany’s Merkel in ‘Political Trouble’ May Call New Elections

Germany’s Merkel in ‘Political Trouble’ May Call New Elections

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would prefer to go ahead with new federal elections rather than try to form a minority government, as Europe’s most powerful leader weighs her options after the collapse of 4-party coalition talks late Sunday.

Seeking her 4th term, Ms. Merkel is “skeptical” about a minority government as it may not bring about necessary stability and is open to another so-called grand coalition with the Social Democratic party, she said in an interview with ARD television.

In the absence of an agreement to secure a majority in Germany’s Bundestag, “I’m certain that new elections are the better way,” she said.

Disputes among parties over migration and other issues led the Free Democrats to walk out of the talks.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the country’s political parties to return to the negotiating table, saying “those who seek political responsibility in elections must not be allowed to shy away from it when they hold it in their hands.”

Stay tuned…

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