Germany, France Know They Must Maintain Good Relations With USA

Germany, France Know They Must Maintain Good Relations With USA

Germany, France Know They Must Maintain Good Relations With USA

Maintaining healthy ties with President Donald Trump is a MUST despite clear differences of opinion, the leaders of France and Germany said Thursday following their Summit meeting.

President Trump is in Paris, at President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation, to mark the centennial of the arrival of US troops in France in World War I at Bastille Day Friday.

The US and French leaders met after German Chancellor Angela Merkel left.

Ms. Merkel and Mr. Macron put forth a vision of European solidarity, announcing a series of projects including a European combat plane and drones.

In answer to question at news conference closing the French-German Summit, Mr. Macron noted that American troops would be marching in the Bastille Day Parade and said he was surprised at any debate about President Trump’s presence,  despite strong differences on the Paris Climate Accord that were seen at last week’s G-20 Summit in Hamburg.

The United States exited the agreement.

Ms. Merkel said that there is no getting around interdependence in the 21st Century. “Europe alone cannot win the war on terrorism.”

“There is no divergence between France and Germany in the manner of treating President Trump,” Mr. Macron said.

“We should never forget that history is bigger than us.”

Neither leader elaborated on the project for a combat plane, but Mr. Macron said that it would be used in the armies of both nations with exports coordinated.

“I confirm it is a profound revolution, but we don’t fear a revolution when it is led in a peaceful way, built to last,” the French President said.

The 2 leaders also announced the Alliance for the Sahel for security and development in countries that are a source of immigration to Europe and a nesting ground for terror groups like al-Qaida.

Ms. Merkel said that such an engagement in Africa was new for Germany. France has deep connections with some of its former colonies in Africa, and Macron recently visited Mali.

Mr. Macron later announced that a bi-lingual program in French middle schools teaching German was being resurrected. As of next fall, there will be 50% more German classes in France, he said.

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