Geopolitics Changed, American Energy Sector in a ‘Revolution’

Geopolitics Changed, American Energy Sector in a ‘Revolution’

Geopolitics Changed, American Energy Sector in a ‘Revolution’


US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said that “American energy is in a Revolution.”

“That is the real story out there,” Secretary Perry, the former 14-yr Texas Republican Governor, said in an interview Friday.

He noted that innovations in hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling have “together revolutionized energy in the world and in America, and Texas, in particular, has been a great beneficiary.”

Secretary Perry also noted that “geopolitics have been changed for the last decade.

“Think about how much the world has changed from the standpoint of who holds the cards, if you will, from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East back a decade ago to today.

“OPEC’s out there,” Secretary Perry said. “They’re a player, they matter, but they’re not driving the train.

“America is in the driver’s seat,” the US Energy Secretary said. “Using American energy for our best interest and our allies’ best interest has literally changed the world.”

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