Gender Politics: The Gillette Ad Fuels the “War on Men”

Gender Politics: The Gillette Ad Fuels the “War on Men”


Ladies, have you ever been able to forget Tony Manero’s macho strut through Bay Ridge?

Not to mention his Saturday Night Fever, King of the dance floor moves in those nice fitting polyester pants at The Odyssey?

Do you remember Urban Cowboy’s, Bud?

He was a rough and tumble bad boy in perfectly faded denim and a cowboy hat who hurt Sissy, got hurt a whole lot in return, and eventually learned his damn lesson.

How about that time emotionally stunted and self sabotaging Zack, now an Officer And A Gentleman, marches into the factory in his Navy whites and swoops Paula off her feet?

Who didn’t fall head over heels in love with every single Greaser in The Outsiders, the commie fighting boys of Red Dawn, Ace’s gang of cigarette smoking and mailbox smashing hellions in Stand By Me, and eventually, Braveheart’s William Wallace?

Yes, Warpaint does it every time!

With this week’s roll out of the APA’s new Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men, and the latest shaver ad from Gillette (NYSE:PG) might cause 1 wonder with a sense of worry about what the future holds for male characters in the world of Cinematic Arts and in the world.

The Big Q: What does a culture void of “harmful” traditional masculinity marked by “stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression” look like?

And what is the result when abolishing “ a particular constellation of standards for men that have held sway over large segments of the population” like “anti-femininity, achievement, eschewing of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence” is the goal?

The predictable outcome of this ideology is terrifying.

Traditional masculinity is under attack and the War on Men is being advanced by wench women.

Wench women are prostituting themselves for the embracing of lesser things. Women who have not only bought into the age old lie that they can be like God but also the sort that places blame for their own undoing on the ones they are manipulating, resenting, undercutting and lashing out at.

These wench women have chips on their shoulders and a collective ax to grind.

As providence might have it, and via the willing assistance of a pathetically neutered and feminized male element, they now control the narrative and they are proudly and boastfully wielding their power grab while nursing the culture’s youngsters at the toxic teat of it.

The current, growing, and coming forceful rejection of this assault on God’s design is going to be glorious.

Thinking people predict a swift and intense push-back in the coming days.

Traditional male and female heroes are needed now more than ever because audiences will soon be aware that they are craving them.

President Donald Trump is is the most strongest and most powerful leader of the free world. He is a leader in this time that was not just wanted but what needed.

People against this War on Men are mocked and shunned by the power players and their foot soldiers in this progressive leftist Utopian echo chamber that is now trying being forced down our throats.

Toxic Femininity is the actual problem that calls for our immediate attention.

Wake up Hollywood, write and produce what is needed to combat this War on Men, Now is the time!

By Dawn Gregg

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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