Gallup Poll: GOP Favorability At Best Since 2011

Gallup Poll: GOP Favorability At Best Since 2011

Gallup Poll: GOP Favorability At Best Since 2011

Poll result out Monday reveals that 45% of Americans have a favorable view of the Republican Party (GOP) its most positive image since January 2011, shortly after the red wave election that gave the party control of the House, a new poll found.

In the Gallup survey released Monday, the GOP’s September rating was a 9-pt gainer from the same month least year, when it registered 36% favorability.

The Democratic Party posted a 44% favorability, the poll found.

The 45% figure is a high-water mark for the GOP since January 2011, when 47% said they viewed the GOP favorably in the wake of a mid-term Congressional election that swept the GOP into power in the House.

“No matter how much or how little party favorability affects elections, the fact that Republicans are more likely to view their party favorably than a year ago can be considered a positive indicator for the party, particularly if a more positive image boosts Republican turnout” in the November midterm elections, Gallup’s Jim Norman wrote.

Gallup noted the GOP favorability rating for the last decade has averaged 39% while the Democrats have averaged 44%.

According to Gallup (the gold standard of pollsters), there was only 1 other time in the last decade that the GOP notched a significantly higher score than the Democratic Party.  That was in November 2014 when Republicans captured control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House, 42% rated Republicans favorably compared with the Democratic Party favorability of 36%.

The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points

Every election cycle, voters are bombarded with polls reporting the movement of candidates like stocks in the eyes of public opinion.

Editors Note: Gallup Polling: Gallup has been around since Y 1935 and has conducted polling and research around the world in politics and business for more than 80 years. While its prestige is unprecedented and its name has long been synonymous with accurate.

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