G7 Trump Vs Merkel

G7 Trump Vs Merkel

G7 Trump Vs Merkel

And Merkel lost badly, unlike other G7 meetings America had a real representative at this one, no longer is America bending to the will of other nations. Trump kept his campaign promises and was tough on trade and big government.

The Group of Seven (G7) summit ended up with an unusual note of discord, as the leaders of the world’s biggest industrialized countries failed to agree on a common stance on climate change or trade.

U.S. President Donald Trump was reportedly the main factor behind the disagreements as he held firm to US policy. In response to the defiant role Trump played in Taormina, the socialistic Italian media coined the phrase “G6 plus 1,” in lieu of “G7.”

On climate, Trump refused to give his OK to language supporting the Paris Agreement on climate change. As a result, the final agreement read that the U.S. was “in the process of reviewing its policies on climate change and on the Paris Agreement,” while Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Britain — the other six countries at the summit — affirmed a “strong commitment” to the Paris deal.

On trade, Trump claimed other countries were engaged in unfair trade practices that put the U.S. at a disadvantage. Without reaching an agreement, much of the language on trade was left out.

Trump made an impact

There was agreement in some areas, most notably the efforts to confront terrorism, where leaders were galvanized by the deadly attacks in Manchester, Britain just before the start of the G7 talks. In his remarks from Sigonella, Trump said terrorism was a “bad threat to all humanity.”

Leaders also agreed on the need to help find a resolution to the problems in war-torn Syria, to confront the rising threat from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and to provide aid to countries in need.

The Cultural Marxist of Europe were not happy with the push against terrorism.

“This was the most challenging G7 summit in years,” European Council President Donald Tusk said when the meetings concluded.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the talks as “very unsatisfactory.”, anything Merkel finds unsatisfactory is generally a good thing for the world.

“We had a situation of six members, or seven if you want to add in the European Union, standing against one,” Merkel said. The European Union (EU) has an undeserved permanent observer status in the G7.

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