The Future is in the Now, Join in Make it Happen

The Future is in the Now, Join in Make it Happen

The Future is in the Now, Join in Make it Happen

The World is Changing Before Our Eyes, Benefit as it Happens All Around You.

The world is changing; the Internet has enabled a democratization of employment on an scale never seen before in history.

We are in a post-industrial uprising, it is the entrepreneurial revolution, the dawn of a post-capitalist world.

It was predicted in the late 70’s, and it is happening.

It has been grown since, my recognition of solid patterns and trends across specific demographics is proof.

People are breaking the belief that standardized capitalism and employment are the most reliable and sensible way of life, that is not easy to do, for many it is very painful.

People have been programmed to believe that it is insane to do anything else but what has been done before, historical precedent is distorted truth.

The vast majority of people live the way people been led to believe is most conducive to future prosperity, that is changing fast.

Below is a list of reasons that signal that everything we know from the past is changing and changing fast, as follows:

  1. Employment. I have seen feelings of discontent among people relating to their displeasure of how they are treated in there 9-5 jobs, they are just bits of a big piece. They want change but, cannot, because they have defendants, bills and commitments that continued employment allows them to meet. So they are unhappily remain and stay nose to the grindstone. But, some took the risk, grasped the chance and afforded themselves the opportunity to flourish, innovate and create in the face of  danger and doom ahead.  Note: Early on I found something I love to do and have never worked a day in my life, but the risk has been high, and it is not for everyone. So, find the things you enjoy pursue them, and  profit from the things you love. It does mean learning new skills which augment your existing ones opening up a world of alternative opportunity.
  2. Entrepreneurship, and what it is about. Starting up a new enterprise require focusing on the things that matter creating real businesses that solve big problems, stuff the matters. Recognizing opportunity and taking advantage of it. Real businesses will solve real problems, whether that is giving us a better standard of life, solving the world’s energy needs or reducing waste. Being an entrepreneur is about doing something personal and chopping the chord of reliance who look at your work as a return on their investment. Note: Entrepreneurship is about trust in others, and the ability to exploit opportunities you have identified. The entrepreneur is happy to invest in relationships which pay bigger dividends together for longer.
  3. The Possibilities of Collaboration. Collaboration has a real chance to change and contribute to saving our Planet. Waste, over consumption and idle capacity are the biggest human disasters of the 21st Century. Never have we had such an abundance of resources, but never have we had so much waste. Something has to change and redress the balance of sustainability in the system. Platforms have the potential to redistribute excess capacity in ways never imagined. Sensible utilization of limited resources is only going to increase in importance. Note: Water and food take precedence. A feeling of humanity must be rediscovered, giving and sharing within your local community is Key, as pt bring people closer together at a time when technology pulls them deeper the Screen and forces them apart. Togetherness means going “back to the future,” a redevelopment back the times of our parents, (if you are my age), grandparents made more efficient through the embracing of basic tools and technology.
  4. The Rise of Post-Capitalism. In the 50’s TV grabbed the attention of the viewers and MAD AVE marketing led people to believe they needed every new mass produced product advertised. Fast forward to now discerning people have now evolved, and we no longer require mass production for the things we need, and we can buy it from smaller producers creating bespoke products. Note: The current capitalist system is not really meeting the needs of many. It has acted to widen the gap between the haves and the have not’s. The system needs to change, as  greater efficiency is not the answer; fewer hours will have to be worked to remain at the same levels of human productivity, robots do it faster, cheaper, with no complaints. Then the problem becomes who can afford any product produced if there is no requirement for work. Begging the Big Q: If consumers cannot earn who consumes? I do not have the answer to that right off hand.
  5. Learning: Today people at all ages have to learn how to learn. How do schools prepare people for what they need to know now, how can they predict the knowledge required 20, 10 or 5 years after graduation? The Big A: People have to learn on their own, recognizing that cognizant development is Key for success this new world. The Internet given all who seek it access to educational resources that used to only be available to the few. Fully, anyone with an Internet connection can undertake a course from Harvard, Wharton, or any of the worlds other Top institution. Note: The most important investment anyone can ever make is investing in themselves

The world is not arbitrary and problems are not as simple, Life is organic and we need to grow as the world changes, and the Mission for all of us, one that I learned very early is problem solving is Key.

What I have observed in the past 60 odd years is that original thinking was and is being ‘bred’ out of people, as they are trained to conform, give up personal freedoms, and not strive for greatness.

For the vast majority, education is average, of below, and ensures that people stay that way, but hang on, it does not have to be that way, it is never too late to develop The Fire inside.

You are the Captain of your destiny so faced up to the responsibility of flying to your desired location.

Nose down, tail up and head into the Wind.

The Key mark of genius is not perfection, it is originality.

And 1 more thing: selflessly, and personally share your expertise, thoughts and experiences with people and I guarantee opportunities will find you.

I have watched this world so much since the 1950’s once thought to be America’s Golden Age, but now there is more traffic on the streets, but the opportunities are many and grander, embrace it and enjoy what you do.

There are no negatives in life, everything happens for a reason, figure it our and make it work for you

It is your life, it is your responsibility, take charge, make it happen.

Paul Ebeling

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