Friday at “The Quail” MotorSports Gathering

Friday at “The Quail” MotorSports Gathering

Friday at “The Quail” MotorSports Gathering

The Quail, A MotorSports Gathering is a good place to reveal a world premiere concept car with a difference.

Ken Okuyama unveils his radical kode57 world premiere supercar concept at The Quail event in California. Check out those scissor-type doors! Photo courtesy Ken Okuyama Cars.

Friday at The Quail, Ken Okuyama unveiled his radical kode57 Supercar concept in Carmel-by-The Sea, California.

Now those familiar with Supercar design will know that the renowned Japanese designer led the styling team that penned the Ferrari “Enzo”.

As creative director of famed Italian design house Pininfarina in the early-2000’s, he also oversaw the styling of the Maserati Quattroporte, as well as 1-Off concepts including the Ferrari P4/5 and Maserati Birdcage 75th anni.

The writer chats with Ken Okuyama at his Yamagata design studio last year. Photo by Yoshitada Moro.

Today, as head of his own design company, Ken Okuyama Design, he pens everyday things like the 300-kph Shinkansen “Bullet” train, bespoke furniture, eyewear and tractors, as well as his own brand of rare exotic automobiles like the “kode57.”

Have a terrific weekend.

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