French Election Rally Will Fade Fast

French Election Rally Will Fade Fast

Stocks jumped, the Euro rallied and Gold fell after the French Election, this is a massive over reaction.

Macron is in no way any closer to presidential victory than he was yesterday, le Pen made solid ground in the election and proved herself to be a real candidate and not side show as reported by the mainstream media.

The big issue is the one that arose today when Marine Le Pen accused Emmanuel Macron, her inexperienced opponent in next month’s runoff for the presidency, of being weak in the face of Islamist terrorism.

Emmanuel Macron by his own admission a Social Liberal, he is a former Rothschild employee and failed miserably as Economy Minister of France, now he might be President. The French establishment and leading EU politicians, including Francois Hollande and Federica Mogherini, have rushed to praise Emmanuel Macron ahead of the presidential runoff vote.

The Socialist party expressed their support for Macron, a former socialist. Macron stepped down from the post of Economy Minister under François Hollande’s government to join a bid in the elections as an independent candidate.

France has seen a series of attacks by Islamist militants in the past two years which have killed more than 230 people; only three days before Sunday’s vote, a policeman was shot dead and two others were wounded in central Paris in an attack claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

Macron won 23.74 percent of votes in the first round against Le Pen’s 21.53.

Analysts say Le Pen’s best chance of overhauling Macron’s big lead in the polls is to paint him as a part of an elite aloof from ordinary French people and their problems.

Philippot called Macron “arrogant” and said his victory speech on Sunday had shown disdain for the French people by making it appear as though the presidency was already won.

He said a post-election dinner with friends at Paris’s Rotonde brasserie – by no means a top-tier restaurant – was a flashy “bling-bling” gesture.

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