Freedom of Speech and The Internet, Red Level Emergency

Freedom of Speech and The Internet, Red Level Emergency

Freedom of Speech and The Internet, Red Level Emergency


In October, US President Barack Hussein Obama surrendered control over the Internet to the United Nations. 

Now after the November Presidential election the main-stream media complains of “fake news” and wants to ban news sources outside the control of the corporate media.

The European Union gave Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Facebook (NASDA:FB) and other social-media outlets a deadline to “clean up their fake news problem” or the EU is going to shut down them down on their internet.

The EU bureaucracy in Brussels didn’t appreciate the effect of the free exchange of ideas in regards to the Italian vote to stop the concentration of power into fewer and fewer hands, farther and farther ways from the Italian people.

In congressional testimony Obama Administration officials stated how internet content providers do not enjoy First Amendment protections.  I did not note any member of Congress, currently control by members of the Republican Party object to this un-American position held by a high official of the federal government.

Alex Jones of INFOWARS has started a petition to guarantee First Amendment protection to internet content providers to President Elect Donald Trump.

He should not have to as the First Amendment is easy to understand: Congress will make no law abridging free speech.

Mr. Jones intends to deliver this petition in person, in hard copy, and hopefully in many wheel barrels through the front door of Trump Tower under the watchful eyes of the main-stream media stationed there.

If you take your constitutional rights for granted, Congress will be happy to take those rights away from you, and you will get them back.

So, do what I did, go to Alex Jones INFOWARS site and sign the petition this is a Red level emergency.

By Mark J. Lundeen

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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