France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Forcing Macron to Cut Taxes

France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Forcing Macron to Cut Taxes

Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron, 41 anni, said he is “rather favorable” towards easing the tax burden following a national debate in wake of the anti-government Yellow Vest protests.

The French President launched a series of debates across the country, aimed at reconnecting with voters after waves of protests erupted in mid-November over fuel taxes and the high cost of living.

“I pledged in the 2017 presidential campaign to reduce taxes, that will be part of the big macroeconomic choices coming out of this debate,” President Macron said during one of the debates in eastern France.

“Should we go faster and cut taxes more, even if it means cutting spending more? Should tax cuts be a priority along with making things simpler? I’m open to all that and rather favorable towards going in that direction,” he added vowing to do better.

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