France’s Macron Still Preaching Failed Socialist Theory

France’s Macron Still Preaching Failed Socialist Theory

French President Emmanuel Macron is still calling for a new global economic order, decrying an “unprecedented crisis” in the market economy in an attempt to become the leader of the EU, a failed socialist experiment that is falling apart.

Amid what he calls the uncertainty of US trade policies, Mr. Macron said the market economy has become too finance-driven, creating inequalities “that are shaking up our political order.” He called for a global “rethink,” but could not offer any details.

In a widely covered ‘apology‘ speech Tuesday, Mr. Macron said “we are living the end of Western hegemony” in the world, in part as a result of Western “errors” over past centuries.

Mr. Macron spoke the day after hosting a G-7 Summit that has the EU concerned about US trade policies, tensions with Iran, Brazil, China and a very sluggish economy headed into recession, that ended with a call for “fair” and “open” trade, no mention of currencies or fiscal stimulus and a Summit that showed that President Trump is the leader of the free world.

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