France’s Le Pen Supports Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

France’s Le Pen Supports Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

France’s Le Pen Supports Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

Marine Le Pen, France’s National Front leader, came out in support of US President Donald Trump’s travel ban condemned by some other Western European leaders.

“I think that most of the reactions are in bad faith,” Ms. Le Pen said in a TV interview.

“It is a temporary measure. It targets six or 7 countries, countries that of course are responsible for terrorist threats. So I think Donald Trump and his intelligence services wanted to set up criteria and conditions to avoid having potential terrorists enter the United States, where they might commit attacks, the same way that France was the victim of attacks.”

Ms. Le Pen, who is a contender in France’s Presidential elections in April and May and has been running on an anti-immigration platform,

She added, “Donald Trump was elected and he said that he was going to do this. And now the world seems to be scandalized because he’s implementing what he promised he would do during his campaign.”

In the latest polls, MS. Le Pen is the front-runner in the 1st round at 25% followed by scandal ridden former conservative PM Francois Fillon at 22%, independent Emmanuel Macron at 21%, and socialist candidate, Benoît Hamon at 15%.

The Top 2 finishers then face off against each other in the 2nd round of the Presidential election.

Ms. Le Pen views President Trump’s rise and Britain’s vote to leave the EU as a boost to her campaign leading to Frexit.

When asked if she would impose a similar travel ban in France, she said that France must be “very vigilant” and to secure its borders.

She also said she supported President Trump’s anti-free-trade policies, saying that “unfettered free trade has led to a disaster.” She emphasized that “people are also calling for an end to this wild and anarchic globalization, and that we are moving towards greater patriotism, to the preservation of culture, of local jobs.”

Ms. Le Pen reiterated her vow to hold a referendum on leaving the EU within  months if she was elected, saying she would 1st attempt to reach an agreement to return full sovereignty to France, and if that failed, would hold the referendum.

She has criticized the sanctions imposed against Russia, saying they not only failed to solve any problems but have created major economic difficulties for the EU.

Stay tuned as the socialist experiment EU continues to collapse.

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