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Fortnight Taking Over Lives


National Research Group (NRG), a leading global insight and strategy firm with 40 years of media and entertainment expertise, released new findings around the global phenomenon Fortnite and what this means for the future of entertainment – in gaming and beyond.


  • Fortnite is the service with the highest reported usage this year over last year among tweens (10-12 year olds), surging ahead of YouTube, Netflix and Facebook. Two in three tweens say they’re playing more this year than last year.
    • Fortnite has momentum: the majority (60%) of Fortnite weekly players ages 10-17 say Fortnite is on the way up, behind only Netflix and YouTube by 2%.
  • Since entering the market, Fortnite has significantly changed the way consumers spend their free time, occupying 21% of total activity time among weekly players.
    • Fortnite’s ripple effect is felt nearly equally across all forms of entertainment, both on and offline, through decreased share of time: video/computer games (-6%); social media (-3%); streaming content (-3%); going out to the movies (-3%); listening to audio (-3%), and other activity such as spending time with friends or playing a sport (-3%).

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