Forex Morning Briefing, Major Pairs

Forex Morning Briefing, Major Pairs


Commentary: Nothing New. PE

An uptick in the German-US 10Yr Spread helped EUR (Euro) at 1.1952 move up since Thursday, the overall uptrend remains intact and unless there is a sharp fall Friday, be open to chances of further move North.

AUD (Aussie) at 0.7922 broke ranks with the single currency and broke below 0.7950 on Dovishness from the RBA Governor. A clear Top is in place now and the uptrend since 0.7329 is halted. A dip to 0.7850 is seen now.

Sterling (GBP) at 1.3584 moved back up consolidating between 1.3450-3600+. The up move will exhaust itself near 1.38.

USD/JPY at 111.72 is still in an overall uptrend that can move up to 113.50-60. In case of a break above 113.50, look for 115.00 next.

EUR/JPY at 133.52 remains in an uptrend and may move to 136 before profit-taking occurs.

The US Dollar (.DXY) Index at 91.99 has come down on the rise in EUR. The overall USD downtrend remains intact, looking for the 8 September low of 91.01 to be broken.

USD/CNY at 6.5855 wants to rise past 6.60 and may as long as it hold above 6.5750

Have a terrific weekend.

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