Forex Morning Briefing: Bitcoin Opens 2018 Soft

Forex Morning Briefing: Bitcoin Opens 2018 Soft

Forex Morning Briefing: Bitcoin Opens 2018 Soft


For the 1st time since Y 2015, Bitcoin, the world’s biggest the cryptocurrency, began a New Year by declining, extending its slide from a record $19,511 reached on 18 December 2017.

Currently Bitcoin is trading at: 13,274.9453, -325.029, or -2.39%, as of 6:41a GMT, the market is open.

On Monday, he virtual coin traded at $13,624.56 as of 5:00a in New York Monday, down 4.8% from Friday.

That is a fall from the $14,156 it hit Sunday.

The cryptocurrency is soft in early Asian trading Tuesday.

Bitcoin got off to a stronger start last year, and then kept that momentum going, helping to create a global frenzy for cryptocurrencies.

It rose 3.6% on the 1st day of Y 2017 to $998 and finished the year up more than 1,300%.

 That rally drew a growing number of competitors and last month brought Bitcoin to Wall Street in the form of futures contracts at Chicago’s Merc and the CBOE

It reached its all-time high on 18 December after CME Group Inc.(NASDAQ:CME) debuted its derivatives agreements, which some traders said would encourage Short position-taking.

Stay tuned…

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