Forex Morning Briefing

Forex Morning Briefing

Forex Morning Briefing


Commentary: Nothing new. PE

The US Dollar (.DXY) Index at 93.921 tested support at 93.6 Thursday. While trading above 93.7, it should test at 94 again and then perhaps to 94.2-94.4, them dip to 94. The Northside cap is 95.00-95.65.

EUR (Euro) at 1.1710 rose to 1.175 Thursday and dipped, may see 1.165 in here, followed by some retracement to 1.17. The single currency should test to 1.155-1.145 as .DXY tests at 95.00-95.65.

USD/JPY at 109.57 tested to 108.9 Thursday. The pair might be driven to 110.5. However, if it goes above that mark, then it could test at 111.5-112.0 next week. Expect USD/JPY to turn Bearish medium term .

EUR/JPY at 128.29, the pair tested to 127.7 Thursday as USD/JPY tested to 108.9. Seeing the possibility for the pair to turn Bearish 126 soon.

Sterling (GBP) at 1.337 could dip to 1.3275-1.3250 next week. The current Southside target for the next couple of weeks is 1.31.

Have a terrific weekend

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