Ford Vs Ferrari, The Movie in the Works

Ford Vs Ferrari, The Movie in the Works

Ford Vs Ferrari, The Movie in the Works


James Mangold, the visionary director behind Logan has many different projects going on now, including the untitled Ford Vs Ferrari project.

Ford Vs Ferrari has attracted some A-listers who have hopes to star in the picture.

According to the rumors Matt Damon and Christian Bale are negotiating lead roles in the project that would put them on the Ford racing team against the iconic Maranello outfit.

Mr. Damon is up for the part of Mustang designer Carroll Shelby while Mr. Bale is looking to Star as driver Ken Miles.

Messrs Shelby and Miles were both hired by Henry Ford II to build the world’s fastest car.

If he is cast, Ford vs. Ferrari would be Mr. Damon’s 1st time working with director Mangold, but for Mr. Bale it would mark a reunion with the director. He previously starred in Mangold’s remake of 3:10 to Yuma.

Just down Hollywood Blvd

Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari, the pic that he has been working on for 17 years, had tapped Mr. Bale to star as the iconic Italian racing entrepreneur, Mr. Bale had to drop out of the project citing health reasons.

In portraying Ken Miles, Mr. Bale seems still ready to return to Ferrari’s story, even if he is not playing the Commodatore himself.

The winning combination of Mr. Bale and Mr. Mangold worked the 1st time on the stunning 3:10 to Yuma. It is a collaboration to look forward to again in Ford Vs Ferrari, if and when it happens.

Things have been dicey for Matt Damon recently. Sadly, Mr. Damon make the news these days more as a political pundit, and a celebrity than as an actor, and it’s hard to keep him in mind to play Carroll Shelby, perhaps Mr. Mangold’s consistent success could turn that downwards streak around.

I hear people saying that  only a matter of time before more high-profile people find their way to the Ford Vs Ferrari project.

Director Mann’s Enzo Ferrari settled on a new star last year in Hugh Jackman and this could result in another case of the rival biopic. Both movies have big names attached, and their prospects of getting made now are high.

The Ford Vs Ferrari film differs enough from Enzo Ferrari in that Mr. Mangold’s project is not solely about 1 individual, but a group that worked behind-the-scenes to ensure something great happened.

The Big Q: Can Messrs Damon and Bale come together to form formidable LeMans winning Ford Racing Team team?

Stay tuned…

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