A Fool Proof Way to Make a Great Cup of Coffee

A Fool Proof Way to Make a Great Cup of Coffee

A Fool Proof Way to Make a Great Cup of Coffee

To make a great cup of coffee at home demands quality ingredients, equipment, plus focus and precision, things and qualities most people do not have.

Now comes the Jura Z6, which quickly, precisely, and automatically makes virtually any coffee drink to your exact specifications with Swiss precision. No Barista skills needed.

The Jura Z6 sits on the kitchen counter like a piece of modern architecture.

The 2.4 liter (81 oz) water tank stands, bottom lit, on the left side of the machine. Below the color screen is the bank of height-adjustable nozzles that dispense espresso, water, milk, and foam into your mug, cup or demitasse.

Here is what happens:

The coffee and milk is touched by proprietary Swiss technology. Coffee beans, stored in a 10-oz. hopper on the machine’s top, are ground in a conical burr grinder before water in the Intelligent Water System flows through the Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System and moistens it, allowing it to swell before brewing. A Pulse Extraction Process then pulses water through the ground Espresso beans, a process that extends the extraction time but makes for a more richly flavored shot with a more pronounced Crema.


Crema is often the weak spot for other machines in this category, the Swiss Jura Z6 gets it right.

 As simple and rewarding as it is to customize your coffee, the best aspect of the Z6 is its speed. In a recent published test it too 94.2 secs from the time the machine was powered on until the moment the cappuccino was made. And that included allowing for the machine to come to temperature, perform its startup rinse cycle, and grind the coffee beans.

The price at $3,500 may seem like a lot for a home Espresso machine, but if you love great coffee and can afford it, the Z6 is a bargain.

For more information go here: https://www.jura.com/en/homeproducts/automatic-coffee-machines/Z6-Satin-silver-15011

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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