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Foldable Phones To Hit The Market This September


The idea of foldable phones that has been mulling over for quite some time now is just about to give way to the next wave of technology that could grip the world. As a start, companies such as Samsung (SSNLF) and Huawei have been quick to announce the entry of foldable phones into the market. More companies have given it a thought too and judging by the current trends, we might end up seeing the market flooded with different models of foldables sooner than we realize.

The presence of flexible screens which we’ve been dreaming of for a while might just end up becoming a reality.

The foldable phones as we speak is nothing but a smartphone that can be folded and rolled over. SSNLF started its journey by announcing their first ever foldable smartphone last November. Despite working on its core strengths and bringing changes, this fast and delicate phone is highly priced. And does seem to have concerns related to its resilience which might tend to make it less desirable. Notwithstanding, a few instances of criticism received from a few quarters as to its efficiency and effectiveness. They have been active to spot the issues and steps have been taken by conducting tests to resolve display related issues related to its durability.

We guess, we would have to keep waiting as to how far these issues would get resolved. A peek into the website ofSamsungsays it all about the new Galaxy Fold. Being launched in Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue colours. This phone exhibits a dynamic AMOLED capacitive 7.30 inch touchscreen primary display. A 4.60 inch touchscreen as its second display. Running on an Android 9.0 pie, besides being equipped with an octa-core processor, a 12GB RAM and in addition to all of these is powered by a 4mAh battery.

Not to mention, SSNLF boasts of offering a dual-battery system with two way charging facility. Meaning it will be able to charge other devices while it is being charged. 6 different cameras, 3 on the back, 2 on the inside and one on the front cover. And finally stereo speakers. SSNLF has already mentioned that the screen can survive up to 2,000,000 folds. considering the fact that it is folded up to 100 times a day on an average.

As for those folks who are eagerly awaiting its release. Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to hit the market this September.

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