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Fly to Your Holiday Destination on a Private Jet


Luxury property group Aman takes its brand of hospitality to the friendly skies.

Extraordinary Aman journeys, tailored to the traveller.

With hospitality group Aman’s new private jet service, you can do that. Start off at the tranquil Aman Kyoto, before hopping onto a plane to head to the mystical grounds of Aman Bhutan.

The jet is not just for shuttling between Aman properties though, passengers have full customisation of their journey and itinerary, whether its flying from a business meeting to a holiday, or even an overnight trip for that special occasion. 

The jet service even takes all the planning out of guests’ hands with Aman Jet Concierge, who will take care of every logistical detail of travels.

The plane itself is a Bombardier Global 5000, a 12-seater transatlantic jet that can reach top speeds of 924kmh, with a range of 9730km at optimal field performance. 

Of course, 1 of the main perks of flying by private jet, and it’s not comfort only, is the expedited immigration process. Expect flexible departure times, and Customs clearance that are overseen by Aman’s own staff to make your journey as smooth as possible.

During the flight, guests will have access to their luggage throughout, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi and customised in-flight meals that can be picked ahead of the flight. To take the journey even closer to the brand’s vision, there’ll be a range of Aman amenities like skincare products; as well as a tea ceremony for guests.

To mark the launch of the jet, Aman has curated 4 new journeys, each designed to allow guests to experience different Aman properties.

Among those journeys is From The Himalayas To The Sea, which takes guests from Amankora’s 5 lodges in landlocked Bhutan, to the coastal Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand.

Have happy holiday travels

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