Florida Republicans Want Feds to Release $1-B to Fight Zika Virus

Florida Republicans Want Feds to Release $1-B to Fight Zika Virus

Florida Republicans Want Feds to Release $1-B to Fight Zika Virus

This Zika virus “scare” appears to be a gift to the chemical and pest control industry at the expense of public health.

Florida Republicans are urging US House colleagues to facilitate the release of $1-B to fight the Zika virus locally, and are criticizing The Obama Administration for the holdup.

“If we do not move to spend a little bit now, we’re going to spend a lot more later,” said US Congressman Curt Clawson (R-FL)

He said, “…if newborns were affected, medical bills for each of the babies could reach up to $10-M over a lifetime”.

Lashing out at the Congress for spending “too much” on President Barack Hussein Obama’s domestic needs, Mr. Clawson said, “I’m a conservative Republican, I support my party. We can’t spend a billion or two for babies, and for pregnant women? I mean, where’s our priorities?”

The Florida lawmaker also said Congress, who spends billions overseas, should 1st “save babies at home” by releasing the $1.1-B package that already has gained Senate approval.

Florida GOP Gov. Rick Scott shares similar views. “In our state we started having Zika virus cases in February. I have been asking for Congress to be a partner since then. I have asked for the federal government to do funding. They have not done it. The Obama Administration’s not been a good partner,” Gov. Scott said.

Florida health officials are investigating 6 new suspected non-travel-related Zika cases all in Miami.

The latest figures bring to 70 the number of cases where local mosquitoes are believed to have caused the infections, as opposed to people who have acquired the virus by traveling outside the US to places where Zika is more common.

Considering the limited risks of Zika and the significant risks of aerial insecticides on critical pollinators like bees and human health, one wonders what is  really driving the decision process.


In Florida, people are wondering whether Governor Rick Scott may have a personal stake in this chemical warfare.

On 23 June 2016, Gov. Scott allocated $26.2-M in state emergency funds to combat Zika. As it turns out, an undisclosed conflict of interest could potentially have influenced this generous release of funds.

According to Florida Bulldog: “… Rick Scott has an undisclosed financial interest in a Zika mosquito control company in which his wife, Florida First Lady Ann Scott, owns a multi-million dollar stake through a private investment firm she co-owns. The company is Mosquito Control Services LLC of Metairie, LA. According to its website,

MCS ‘is a fully-certified team of mosquito control experts — licensed throughout the Gulf Coast, including Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida’ … It is not known whether MCS, whose services include monitoring and aerial spraying, stands to benefit from Florida government funds … MCS did not respond to two requests for comment.”

In a recent Health Nut News article, the author pieces together a list of events and players suggesting the real reason for the Zika hype may be related to the fact that the primary chemical weapons against Zika, Naled and Malathion are both up for re-evaluation at the EPA under a special provision of the Endangered Species Act. If found to harm endangered species, they will be banned, so unless there’s sufficient political pressure to keep them on the market, that is.

The Clean Water Act stipulates you must have a NPDES permit in order to be “allowed” to discharge pollutants into US waters. Insecticides are a significant water pollutant, and mosquito control applications that result in water discharges must have an NPDES permit, which includes limits on the discharges and has certain monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure the chemical does not hurt water quality and human health.

Should Naled and/or Malathion be found harmful to endangered species, operators would not likely be able to get an NPDES permit for the chemicals even if they somehow were not outright banned under the Endangered Species Act.

The American Mosquito Control Association has lobbied Congress to pass HR 935, which would exempt mosquito control operations from the NPDES permit requirement altogether, allowing them to discharge whatever chemical without limits, monitoring or reporting requirements.

When Congress remained unreceptive to the idea, HR 935 was suddenly renamed the “Zika Control Act.”  Congress could potentially be forced to vote Yes on this bill if there’s sufficient panic about Zika.

The Senate is also scheduled to vote on whether to set aside another $1.1-B in funding to fight Zika

This is a virus that so far has not seriously harmed a 1 person in the US, and has not been proven responsible for the microcephaly cases in Brazil either.

This whole thing appears to be little more than a gift to the chemical industry at the expense of public health.

As noted: “The American Mosquito Control Association and the chemical companies can only benefit from huge hype and fear surrounding Zika. They NEED the populace to fear Zika so that Congress is forced to approve a terrible bill that would pollute/erode the Clean Water Act and eventually allow for Malathion and Naled [to] continue to be used despite data showing their effect on endangered species.”

That bring up this Big Q: Are we doing the right thing by waging war against pests with toxic chemicals?

It needs to be understood that there’s a price to pay, both in human and environmental health. We’re poisoning our world, and ourselves, in the name of protecting public health. There’s something inherently wrong with that position. Some are quick to say we have no other options, this not necessarily true.

Charles Murray, CEO of Penta5 USA based in Sarasota, FL, said recently, “Always available is our All-Natural ANYTIME no-bite Lotion and I guess for public awareness that something is being done, the authorities have decided to use a chemical solution for the environment [hopefully on a short term basis]. People don’t like chemicals and for sure bees and other insect life will be wiped out in that area.”

The various leaders [Governor, Health, Agriculture and Tourism Departmental heads in Florida] are not being heard in DC, where they appear to be dithering around with the Zika problem. I do feel the leadership team will miss the opportunity to allay tourist fears if they don’t do something soon.”

Mr. Murray recommends for pregnant woman, schools, hotels, airport and  cruise lines that each individual be given a VialPaQ daily to ensure no-bites.

Penta5’s natural solutions are safe, and do no harm to the body or anyone else.

For more information go to: http://penta5usa.com/

Live a mosquito free life without toxins.

Stay tuned…


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