Florida Investigating a non-Travel Related Zika Virus Case

Florida Investigating a non-Travel Related Zika Virus Case

Florida Investigating a non-Travel Related Zika Virus Case

The State of Florida is investigating a non-travel related Zika virus case in an area previously not known with active local transmission of the mosquito-borne virus, the state’s Governor Rick Scott said Tuesday.

“Today, we learned that the Florida Department of Health (DOH) is investigating one new individual with non-travel related Zika in Pinellas County,” Gov. Scott said in a statement.

“While this investigation is ongoing, DOH still believes that ongoing active transmissions are only occurring in the 2 previously identified areas in Wynwood and Miami Beach.”

Wynwood and Miami Beach are located in Miami-Dade County, which is hundreds of miles away from Pinellas County.

Scott also confirmed four new non-travel related cases of Zika in the impacted area in Wynwood, where the first locally transmitted US cases were reported.

Florida is home to popular tourist destinations like Walt Disney World (NYSE:DIS). It is the only US state that has reported local Zika virus transmission by mosquitoes so far.

According to Gov. Scott, the total number of local Zika cases in the state has reached 42 to date.

If you are traveling in Florida there are safe protections from this mosquito born diesase.

Stay tuned…

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